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ведьмы (1967)

But sometimes plot is over-rated, and in this case it serves as nothing more than a bare bones structure to hang a series of adventure on. As a note about the plot -Witches of Karres starts with the captain of an aging but fast tramp freighter rescuing three children with psychic powers from the clutches of an Empire hunting for their homeworld, then escalates rapidly to a space battle against Worm World, a world-sized battleship commanded by a robotic being in black armour.

Replace the three little kids with a single princess, drop the Worm Worlders and place the worldship under the command of the Empire, and you have exactly the plot of an early draft of Star Wars. The Good James H. He was also an expert at minimalistic character-building, letting characters define themselves through action and dialogue rather than internal monologues or description. Both of these skills were vital for someone who worked as a writer of short stories and novellas.

Captain Pausert comes across as a basically decent and highly pragmatic individual without the narrative ever really calling attention to these traits. Pausert simply takes the actions appropriate to a decent and pragmatic young man, and the narrative lets you draw your own conclusions about his character. The same can be said of everyone in this story. We see him doing bad things all while explaining why taking children hostage, drugging and kidnapping people, leading a band of murderous thugs, etc, is all highly rational and the only clever thing for a man to do.

The Problematic So, Goth. Not yet, mind you, but still... As pointed out above,Witches of Karres started life as a short story. Specifically, it started out as a humorous adventure story for ages ten to thirteen. A short story with the premise that these three kids have completely screwed over Captain Pausert is right up the alley for that age group, as is ending on the idea that they will continue to screw over Captain Pausert for the rest of his life.

As a premise for a kids-oriented short story, this is fine. As part of a longer novel it becomes a bit... Schmitz deals with the problematic aspects in a way that feels appropriate for the light-hearted tone of the story.

Captain Pausert is an instinctively decent person. As such he is clearly uncomfortable with the idea and deflects Goth and changes the subject every time it comes up, and his interactions with Goth are all age-appropriate.

In fact, between the three witches it seems to be more a matter of finders keepers. You can imaging the witches saying to their parents " He followed us home We dragged him home, kicking and screaming. Can we keep him? Within the story, the witch-people of Karres organize much of their life around the work of probability calculators, psychic oracles who scan possible futures and provide guidance towards best outcomes. And thanks to their psychic powers, despite being away from home Goth and her sisters are in reasonably close contact with their parents.

The Verdict Highly recommended. Witches of Karres is both a lot of fun and an opportunity to watch a master of old-school pulp science fiction at work.