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сплит (2009)

Amit Farkash plays the 15-year-old Ella Rosen, who finds out that she is half human and half vampire. Yon Tumarkin supports her as the 600-year-old vampire Leo. They started filming in the middle of February and ended at the beginning of April 2009.

The school is managed by the stone-hearted Amnon Green, who is secretly the head of "The Order of Blood " - An order which was founded 1000 years ago — its purpose is to cleanse the world of Vampires. During the series there are three major plot lines which are all connected: First line of action - Tells the story of Ella Rosen who is involved with all three lines , a confused, introverted teenage girl who is sure that no one who understands her.

Ella is a split - half Vampire and half Human and has a major part in a conflict between the two races. A 600-year-old vampire but with the appearance of a high school student named Leo is sent after her in intention to help her find out who and what she is and what she is destined to do.

A love triangle is created between Ella, Leo and Omer, who is secretly in love with her. Guy fancies Zohar, daughter of the principal. Eventually she responds to his advances and they become a couple.

Together, they try to help Sushi overcome his stage fright , which leads to a love triangle between the three. Sushi stands by her when Guy is bitten and becomes a Vampire which conflicts his relationship with Zohar. Third line of action - Reveals the story of Vampires. Ardak sends his guardian, Leo, to find her and tell her about her being a split. Nicky Nurit , is a character who is involved with all three plot lines. Plus, Sushi and Nicky become a couple at the end of the season.

Carmel also bites Guy and turns him into a vampire. Later on Leo gets back on the right track and releases Nicky by vanquishing Carmel. Amnon thinks he won and wants to kill Ella and eliminate the blood replacement, but backs down after Ella shows him in a vision that he should stop the war.

According to the vision , Zohar will die if he does not do so. Meanwhile, in "The Order of Blood ", Zohar who had already understood that war is not the answer , Guy, Sushi and Nicky seek and find video cassettes which document vampires , in order to reveal them to the world and expose the vampires in a good way.

However, as they try to leave the place, they are interrupted by Tamar, a high-level vampire exterminator, a member of "The Order of Blood ". Tamar stops them and tries to kill Guy, who is now known as a vampire. But since Amnon had backed down, another thing happens: Tamar herself survived thanks to a vampire who saved her.

Tamar, who always thought that vampires killed her parents, stops the war. The video cassettes are released, and the world is exposed to vampires.

At the end of the season, Ella has to choose between Omer and Leo, both in love with her. The last scene seems as madness, insanity: Dima says "Finally, the end of the blood period has come to an end. He repeats the last sentence a several times, as he starts to dance around the cave.

The rest of the doubles disappear, and the real Dima turns directly to the audience and roars like a lion. This indicates a dramatic change that is probably going to apply in next season. Ardak, is fighting against Lilth the queen of the demons.

Ella gets a premonition in which she brings Adam back to life, which later revealed to be an initiative by Dima, who realizes he could bring Lilith back to life with the help of Ella. Dima is calling Ella to the Cave and she brings Adam back to life. Ella feels there is something different in Adam and takes him under her wing, while trying to figure out what creature he actually is.

Leo is heartbroken, because Ella chose to be with Omer instead of being with him, and is slowly dying. The humans and the vampires now have secret agreements. According to the agreement the humans will provide blood to the vampires and in exchange the vampires will provide their knowledge to humans.

The human who signs on the agreements with the vampires is Amnon Green. Amnon asks Tamar who was his assistant in the order of blood to spy for him after Andrea Foox, and old friend of his and a hater of vampiers, who own the box of blood, an ancient box which contains the powers of an ancient vampire, and can be opened only with the blood of 10 vampires and one split.

Tamar proves Andre she is loyal to him by "shooting" Amnon, but in fact she warned him before that and Amnon is pretending to be in coma in the hospital. Ella and Omer break up during the season and Ella start dating with Leo. Adam Tells Ella he is a demon and she promise him she will protect him. Therefore, Leo opens the box of Blood and is trying to kill Adam with the powers he got.

Ella brings Lilith back to life so she could help her to save Adam. Lilth kills Leo after she kissed him and is starting to produce a new species: Although he is being loyal to Lilth, Dima brings Leo back to life. A year later the production team is already in the preparations process for the third season of Split. Meni, the producer of Split is casting a new guy named Ruby to play Leo instead of Yon.

After Ruby is informed he got the part of Leo he is killed in a car accident and some kind of supernatural personality named "Echo" is taking over his body. Amit who fell in love with Ruby start dating him not knowing he is "Echo". Yon Eventually gets fired from the movie and is returning to Israel, and is managed to get a minor role in Split.

Meanwhile, Amit is not happy with the fact that Yon returned, thinking he did that only to win her back, but on the other hand,her roommate Maya who plays Zohar in Split is secretly in love with Yon and she trying to make him ask her out, but he sees her only as a good friend. Meanwhile, "Echo", in the body of Ruby, Kills Gabi who tries to vanish him and uses her to vanish the ghost of Ruby before letting her go.

After the ghost of Ruby was Vanished Yon realizes he is still in love with Amit. The three find out there is a homeless named Shaul in the basement of the Bar who is telling them he was a professor who did a research about ghosts and is later revealed to work in a police unit in his past. She is very shy and sure that nobody understands her. Ella is a split, the offspring of a vampire and a human. Biological sister of the prophet, Ardak, and Phaton.

She is the daughter of Anna, a human mother, and Tevel, a vampire father. She is the adopted sister of Guy. Her birth name is Dinmor. She has stage fright, which was caused by the trauma of being kidnapped as a child, in the middle of her performance in front of an audience she was kidnapped by Amnon Grin and was returned to her parents thanks to Ardak. When Ella meets Leo, She is thrown into the vampire world, a world which she never knew that existed.

Omer is secretly in Love with her, but she is not aware of that. Leopold "Leo" Zachs Yon Tumarkin - A 600-year-old vampire with the appearance of a high school student. Assigned by Prophet Ardak to tell Ella that she is a split — half vampire and half human. Initially he does not like humans but during the series he warms towards them and eventually falls in love with Ella, which creates a love triangle between Leo, Omer and Ella. He is the first to discover that Leo is a vampire. At first he tries to warn Ella, fight Leo, but eventually he helps Leo with his mission - he tries to make Ella fall in love with Leo, even though he is in love with her.

Omer works at a Fantasy Computer Game Store, which is managed and owned by a strange man named Refael. Ella and Guy get along well. Guy is one of the popular kids in school. He defines himself as the "alpha male" of the school.

He is also a fencer, a member of the school fencing team. Later in the series he is bitten by Nicki, who is possessed by a vampire named Carmel, which causes him to turn into a vampire.

She is a popular girl, always in control. Zohar is the state champion in fencing and she is the only girl on the school fencing team. Later in the series she takes after her father and becomes the chief of "The Order of Blood", which conflicts with her boyfriend, Guy, becoming a vampire. Moshe "Sushi" Arieli Idan Ashkenazi - The school bully, but deep inside he is sensitive and thoughtful.

Sushi is one of the members in the school fencing team. Nicky is a good person who is not afraid to tell the truth, even when it hurts.

Her true name is "Nurit". When Leo sucks Carmel back to the mirror and Nicky is freed, she gets a make over and becomes a beautiful girl. Sushi and Nicky become a couple. He befriends with Ella and is protected by her. When the vampires realise that Adam is a Demon they want to kill him.

He is a split, biological older brother of Ella and Phaton. Ardak provides the vampires with the "Doll-Bar", the blood replacement. He tries to keep the vision a secret and only tells his guardian, Leo. He is accidentally murdered by members of "The Vampire Council", who were chasing after Leo.

Phaton is impatient, and he starts a secret mutiny - Incitement against the prophet, releasing vampires prisoners from their mirrors and even murder, mostly of "The Vampire Council" members. He is murdered by Dima, guardian of the "Doll-Bar" fountain. He is tough and stone-hearted. The headmaster of "The Order of Blood", whose purpose is to expose and eliminate vampires.

After his memory is erased by vampires several times, he is struck with total amnesia.