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шторм (1999)

After Jericho was injured, Storm continued to compete in singles competition for a few months, even winning the "Beat the Champ" TV Title. In 1995, he began wrestling in Japan for WAR. Impact Players 1999—2000 [ edit ] Main article: They first feuded with Jerry Lynn and Sabu in singles matches and by late 1999, they had begun a violent feud with Tommy Dreamer and The Sandman.

The team brutalized many singles stars during this period as well. During this time, Storm also gained a position as a booker in ECW and had a hand in much of the product content on television and pay-per-view. The match was refereed by the Canadian Jacques Rougeau , who enabled Storm to defeat Awesome and retain his title by constantly changing the rules.

Following the match, the semi- Canadian retired wrestler Bret Hart came to the ring and hugged Storm and Rougeau. A and joining Team Canada.

He also attempted to win the World Heavyweight Championship , but was defeated by champion Booker T on each occasion. The pay-per-view event took place eight days before the final episode of Monday Nitro and three days before the final episode of Thunder. Then, later that night Storm competed in an Immunity Battle Royal that was won by Test, where the winner could not be fired for a year. Storm eventually got his job back officially on the December 17, 2001 edition of Raw when he defeated The Rock with help from Test in a match that earned him a WWF contract.

Eventually, the stable broke apart on the September 30th episode of Raw after they each lost their respective matches, leading to a brawl involving all the members of the group. Various feuds 2002—2005 [ edit ] Storm continued teaming with Regal as a regular tag team with the same anti-American gimmick ; Storm would represent Canada and Regal represented England.

At Armageddon , Storm and Regal competed in a fatal-four way tag team elimination match for the World Tag Team Championship but failed to win the titles. The next month, the duo won the World Tag Team Championship on two separate occasions. He soon rejoined Morley, who had also become a face and reverted to his Val Venis character.

Their reformed team began entering the ring with very attractive women but this time their tag team never got a push. Storm and Goldust then began teaming together for a short period of time. Storm eventually turned into a villain once more by betraying the fans. This happened when he told them of how he was sick and tired of pleasing them with his dancing and how it was just a waste of his time on an episode of Raw following the 2004 Draft Lottery , only to be squashed by Rhyno immediately thereafter, thus turning Rhyno into a face once again.

In April 2004, Storm chose to retire from in-ring action. Storm resigned from WWE in May 2005 and announced that he intended to open his own training school in his hometown of Calgary, the Storm Wrestling Academy, with the first semester beginning in September 2005. Return to the independent circuit 2005—present [ edit ] Storm right facing off against Mike Bennett at Showdown in the Sun in 2012. Since leaving WWE, Storm has made several appearances on the independent circuit.

Prior to the event, Storm commended Bryan Danielson and say that he is the one person to make him come out of retirement. Danielson defeated Storm by submission to retain the championship. Storm and Simmonz lost to eventual finalists A. Styles and Christopher Daniels. The next night, Storm lost to Doug Williams in a singles match.

On December 3, 2006 in Mississauga, Ontario , he lost to Christian Cage and suffered a throat injury due to a stiff clothesline. Nights 1 and 2 respectively. Following the match, Storm cut an emotional promo, and later announced his belief that this would be his last match, saying "I shared this match with people who share my love and respect for this business, and I am now home being Lance Evers with the family I will share the rest of my life with.

I still have my school, and I will always be a part of this business, but I truly believe I am now done as a performer. Storm was defeated in the match, which he wrestled under a mask as The Ideal Canadian. In wrestling[ edit ] Finishing moves.