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рассвет (2014)

Scott Reiniger as The General Blu as Chips Production[ edit ] James Gunn is partially responsible for the screenplay although he received a solo writing credit. After he left the project to concentrate on Scooby-Doo 2: Rubinstein, producer of the original and the remake, explained that Tolkin further developed the characters, while Frank provided some of the bigger and upbeat action sequences.

The mall scenes and rooftop scenes were shot in the former Thornhill Square Shopping Centre in Thornhill, Ontario , and the other scenes were shot in the Aileen-Willowbrook neighborhood of Thornhill. Most of the mall was demolished shortly after the film was shot.

The first half of the film was shot almost entirely in chronological order , [7] while the final sequences on the boat and island were shot much later and at a different location Universal Studios Hollywood than the rest of the film, after preview audiences objected to the sudden ending of the original print.

They first worked together on American Psycho 2. Aside from featuring additional footage of cameos by actors from the original film, the film features Richard Biggs as the newscaster in his final performance before his death in May 2004 , and a voiceover cameo by Bruce Boxleitner as the President of the United States.

It also featured another short film titles The Lost Tape: It was screened out of competition at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival. Club wrote that the remake streamlines the original film "by discarding everything special about it in favor of pure visceral effect". Romero said, "It was better than I expected.

The first 15, 20 minutes were terrific, but it sort of lost its reason for being. It was more of a video game. There was nothing going on underneath. Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations. Statements consisting only of original research should be removed. March 2015 Learn how and when to remove this template message In the original film, the zombies moved very slowly and were most menacing when they collected in large groups.

In the remake, the zombies are fast and agile. Many admirers of the original, as well as Romero himself, protested this change, feeling that it limited the impact of the undead. However, it was for this change that Wizard Magazine ranked the zombies 5 on their "100 Greatest Villains Ever" list. The original had a smaller cast than the remake, allowing more screen time for each character.

Many fans and critics criticized the resulting loss of character development. In the remake, the events transpire within approximately one month, as evidenced by the supplemental feature The Lost Tape: Another big change from the original is that unlike Romero, Snyder treats zombification more like a disease, pointing to the bites as the source, instead of anyone who is dead turning into a zombie.

Three actors from the original film have cameos in the remake, appearing on the televisions the survivors watch: Ken Foree , who played Peter from the original, plays an evangelist who asserts that God is punishing mankind; Scott H. Monroeville is also the location of the mall used in the 1978 film.

In addition, a store shown in the mall is called "Gaylen Ross", an obvious tribute to actress Gaylen Ross , who played Francine in the original film. In the beginning of the film, a helicopter that is very similar to the one in the original flies across the screen.

In The Zombie Encyclopedia, Volume 2, academic Peter Dendle said that the original film "served as a bridge between the talky, slow-paced 1970s horror and the fast-paced splatter to come in the 1980s", whereas the 2004 remake "generally forsakes slow-mounting suspense in favor of frenetic action". Filming for Army of the Dead was to start once they got a director as the producing studios had approved the script.

Also according to Deborah Snyder, the film was set in Las Vegas, and the town had to be contained to stop the outbreak of zombies.