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организация (2015)

Opening of Eurovillage and Euroclub. Semi-Final 1 1st Dress rehearsal, 18th of May, 15: Euroclub will be the gathering point of about 1700 accredited journalists and 1300 delegates from the participating countries.

Euroclub will offer press opportunities for the organization of interviews with participating artists, as well as for the delegations to organize there own national parties or take part in a joint live performances.

The important thing is that this year official Euroclub will be opened only on Sunday, May 17, following the Opening ceremony. The club will then operate every day till the After-final party and will offer daily capacity for 2500 persons.

From Sunday 17th May until Saturday 23rd May, every day at 12: Maximum one ticket per ID card will be given. Everything will be about the winning songs of the past six decades. Not only will the songs provide each floor with a name, but also you will come across the "Number One" hits of the past 60 years everywhere — partly in very surprising places. A provided instrument set invites the artists of all nations to create unique jam sessions and joint live performances together.

A short rest is a wonderful thing and can rejuvenate any body and mind... May 17, Sunday, 20: May 18 - May 22, 22: May 20, Wednesday, 23: May 23, Saturday, 22: I am particularly pleased that it is located very close to the venue Wiener Stadhalle itself". Ottakringer Brauerei Ottakringer Platz 1 is served by trams 2, 9, 44 J. It is located 1. It is also served by nightline N46, operating twice per hour.

The taxi stand is located to the north, at Johann-Nepomuk-Berger-Platz. After the shows 19th, 21st and 23rd of May the tram line 9 will be reinforced with Euroclub trams. They stop at Beingasse, and then go non-stop to the Euroclub. The letter "O" on your accreditation Ottakringer Brauerei guarantees you access to this Eurovision tram.

Late at night, a Nightline N46 will substitute for the tram in getting you to the city centre. The U4 is one of the most famous clubs in Vienna and a popular meeting place for the local music scene. All Song Contest artists are invited to join the Eurovision session band, to make music — spontaneously improvised and performed together! Be surprised by this extraordinary Viennese architecture.

Chaya Fuera Kandlgasse 19-21, 1070 Wien. Chaya Fuera is a hot scene club on the weekend and a location with live music during the week. All Song Contest artists are invited to join the Eurovision session band, to make music — spontaneously improvised and performed together. Eurovision Life Ball Night: Converting the sauna into a party club with two terraces and several party floors the Pratersauna is an avid supporter of the international and local electronic music scene.

The Life Ball — with a big public screening from 20: Check complete Pratersauna Euroweek schedule here. The entrance to the "Eurovision Nights" events is open to anyone, even non-accredited fans. You can check the locations of the Eurovision Nights venues on our Eurovision 2015 map here.

Doors usually open at 19. This Eurovision fan venue can be visited without accreditation. During the day, admission is free and for the evening shows there will be weekly passes available. The event space on the former Siemens-Forum can accommodate up to 800 people and will serve as a focal point for fans from around the world. During the day from 12. Smoking area and Street Food Market in the inner courtyard will also be available.

Every day from 6 p. You will find pizza, freshly prepared in a wood stove on a stylish food truck by Pizza-Mobile. Watch EMS Lounge trailer here. Entrance to EFC is with either a weekly pass or a daily pass. VIP packages and offers are also available. The presale bracelets are sold via oeticket and OGAE-members can buy theirs using a special discount code that is distributed by participating clubs.

When picking up your Weekly pass it is necessary to prove your membership for 2015 with a valid membership-card 2015 sticker of OGAE. The wristbands can be picked up daily from the 17th of May from 12. Sale starts at 8 p. Besides that you can already find a promotion code for City Airport Train Vienna on your print at home ticket from Oeticket. Among events are also announced a "Euro Vision Disco", a cover contest and public viewing for the semi-final and final shows.

DJ Schlagerprofilerna Sweden 19 May: DJ Monsuun Norway 20 May: The capacity is limited, so make sure to come in time! Also live on stage on the day: DJ Schlagerqueen Norway 21 May: DJ Werneri Finland 22 May: Therefore we are happy... The venue is located not far from Kardinal Nagl Platz stop on U3 metro line, and you can find more info on how to reach it here. Public viewing spots accross Austria. Already a popular tourist and a locals meeting place, the Town Hall Square is a perfect place to be the centre of the contest in the host city for meeting fans all over the world.

With live performances by the artists, DJs of ORF radio, special events such as ESC theme nights and family program and public viewing of the Eurovision live broadcasts, Eurovision Village will be the hotspot of the contest outside the arena. It is likely that the setting will remind the summer film festival: The Village will be opened on May 17, immediately after the Life Ball on the previous day, and will serve till the 23rd of May.

For the first days only the narrower part of the space will be available, since the dismantle of the Life Ball stage will take longer time. The part just in front of the Town Hall will join in celebrations only after completion of the work on it.

Three public viewing nights are planned in the "Eurovision Village" in the town square via giant screen. Live performances of Eurovision Song Contest participants, theme nights and family program will be available in the week from 17 to 23 May. The stage of Eurovillage will be a true copy of Secession Building including golden canopy - the replica of 29 x 14 meters and an eight-meter high dome will be greater than the original.

It will already serve as a backdrop for the Life Ball event, which takes place the day before the opening of the Village. Every country has the opportunity to present itself in its own pavilion in Eurovillage. The national pavilions will be a meeting point for national Fan communities, but also will allow guests to experience the different nations and celebrate together.

Festival of Nations will also be offering the culinary specialties. The entrance of delegations will start at 18. This is a special challenge for the organizers to set up, because the day before the Life Ball takes place on the same location" International and national media, official fan clubs and of course enthusiastic ESC fans from Vienna and Austria and abroad will get the only chance to see all the participating representatives at the same time.

Over a 200 meter long red carpet, extending from the Rng to inside near the stage of the Life Ball to the Volkshalle of Vienna City Hall during two hours procedure, all delegations will move in to the Welcome reception, giving short interviews to the press on their way and greeting fans.

For reasons of limited space capacity, it will not be possible for fans and journalists to participate in this final part of the Opening Ceremony. For them starting at 20: The artists and the members of the delegations, will also be escorted to the Euroclub after Welcome Reception to become part of a big "Welcome to Austria" party hosted by the Austrian delegation. Karl Renner- Ring" passing the parliament you find the Rathausplatz to your right. Please plan around 15 minutes for the trip.

After the opening speeches on May 18, at 19. Designers from the participating countries will be showing their designs on the catwalk under the motto Fashion for Europe. One designer per country is admitted to join the "Fashion For Europe" catwalk show. The admission progress is managed by Flashed events. Read more at Facebook event page.

National selection participants Zoe and Celina Ann will be creating mood of the audience before live broadcast. Other activities for kids will be offered. Austrian entrants The Makemakes will present their own and Eurovision greatest hits.

On the occasion of the theme day "Conchita - The Queen of Austria" Conchita look-alike contest will take place on Eurovillage stage. Live on stage afterwards: Kati Bellowitsch will be announcing results of Austrian voting live from Eurovillage. It is a feast for all the people of Vienna, guests of the city, artists, delegations and international media representatives, that should convey the feeling of the Eurovision Song Contest to the City" During the live broadcast and public viewing of three Eurovision shows Eurovillage visitors will be able to vote for the acts with an OSRAM Lightify app Android , iTunes.

It lets visitors vote for the individual performers during the TV shows on a scale from 1 to 12. The result of the vote is converted into a color for each performance and City Hall Square is immediately bathed in this light. The maximum number of points corresponds to the color red, while for one point the square is bathed in blue.