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Дата: 24.03.2018

монарх (2000)

When I first heard of this series, which I had managed to miss all these years, I thought it sounded like a great idea! It does not seem possible to fail with those ingredients. The jokes are too simple, there is too much slapstick, and in every episode it is obvious already in the beginning how it has to end. I think the part of the young Laird almost carries the whole production, because he is very likable, with a little help of his elderly but feisty father, who does not want to let go of the past, and his beautiful and well-dressed but a bit air-headed mother.

The other characters unfortunately I do not like, I do not think any of the three young women are suitable as new Lady of the Manor for instance, and the other men working on the estate and running around in the village all are generally uninteresting.

Although I cannot say if the wrong lies with the characters or with the actors. I still find it silly, though. The solutions are always so very simple, and completely out of touch with reality. Of course you do not play games about the rights to an ancient big estate, and you cannot stop the bank from foreclosing your loan by refusing to help the bank employee to cross the stream... But if you put your brain aside for awhile and only watch with your heart, it is in fact quite funny and entertaining, with beautiful scenery, and also sometimes deep with human interest and things you can relate to.

I remember all the unresolved issues, everything that ought to have been said but was then too late to say... I have felt like that several times when I have become fond of a man - and it does not always have to do with social differences either... All in all I would recommend this, if you just remember that it IS entertainment and escapism, and not realism. November 6, 2015 Now I have watched it all to the end! I think it was drawn out too long, too many "heavy" characters disappeared and too many new were introduced - I felt I could not connect to them all anymore.

Too much time was taken up by the teenagers - that is not interesting for an adult audience. Also, there were too many repetitions of already used plot ideas. Such as women throwing themselves at the Laird, first one set of women with Archie, and then another set with Paul, and the silly contests about the estate and the title of Laird. And when they could not decently introduce another Laird-contest, they threw in a ghillie-contest instead... The best thing should have been if the show had ended when Archie left.

No, the VERY best thing should of course have been if he had not left at all. Although there were some nice stories and moments in the last seasons as well that I would not have missed.

I think for instance of the misunderstanding when Paul thought Jess fancied him, and he was going to talk to her about it in a mature way... And the brief love story between Golly and Megan, and the son he finally got late in life... And the ending when Paul was going to give Iona away...

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