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лола (1969)

Copyright Kevin Thomson 2011. Raced at Watkins Glen F5000 race 2008. Raced at the Monterey Pre-Reunion in August 2015. Rebuilt by March 1982 by Chas Talbot who, according to RCN, built a complete new tub, an exact duplicate, rivet for rivet. The ex-Hook car was then built up with other parts and sold to Manuel Jimenez who in turn passed it to Murray Richards Murrumbeena, Australia.

Entered by Greer at Manfeild Nov 2007. Copyright Russ Thompson 2002. The hugely successful Lola T332 of Mario Andretti. Likely to be the "ex-Andretti" car raced by Rocky Moran: Can-Am 1978 five races: Crashed at some point and the chassis and original F5000 bodywork went to Jack Smith in part exchange for a new Frissbee chassis.

Smith repaired the tub and then sold it on to Joe Cavaglieri Sherman Oaks, CA who did more of the restoration but sold it before it was complete. The car was restored for Andretti to drive at the Long Beach Grand Prix 20th anniversary celebrations in 1995. The car was later seen for sale at Grand Prix Classics. Copyright Norm MacLeod 2016. Randy Lewis at Mid-Ohio in 1977. Copyright Terry Capps 2014. US 1974 for David Hobbs five races: The T332C, if there really was one, was apparantly sold at the end of 1976.

In May 2016, Ted Wenz reported that Kelly still had the car. Copyright Norm MacLeod 2015. Ongais had to use a T400 until a new T332 was bought. The tub was still with Shayne in April 2016. Copyright Marcus Pye 2016. Many years later, in January 1994, "HU32" was advertised by George Valerio California as "one owner, logbook, original, complete". Raced by Zazryn at Hampton Downs Jan 2013.

Raced at the Phillip Island Classic in March 2016. Copyright Richard Deming 2017. Road America 18 July 1983 , Can-Am 1984 one race only: Steinhardt restored the car to open-wheel configuration and raced it in US vintage racing from 2002 onwards. It was advertised for sale on www. Still with Parsons in early 2016. Copyright Vincent Puleo 2016. The rear end was sold to a sports sedan guy and the rest of the car went to Peter Bick.

Subsequent history unknown but Bryan Miller believes it has been owned by Dr. William Marshall of Sydney at some time. Bought by Richard Davison in December 1989 and restored over the next 20 years. Wrecked in an accident at Symmons Plain March 1980. Rebuilt on new tub and raced as HU36a until 1981. In May 1983, Snelling had a major accident at Riverside, putting him out of action for three months. When he emerged from hospital, Snelling was told the tub had been scrapped.

However, some parts of the tub may have been reusable and the chassis plate also survived. The fate of the tub is known but will not be disclosed at this point.

Copyright Jerry Entin 2002. Not seen again and assumed written off. Possibly rebuilt but see also HU61 and maybe the Arnold Glass car?. The car was rebuilt on a new monocoque but the old monocoque survived and was later built up into a separate car. The complete car was sold to Gordy Oftedahl Minneapolis, MN but the fate of the repaired tub is unknown.

Clements was also told by Haines that Gordy Oftedahl was a previous owner. Copyright Richard Deming 2016. Note the holes in the scoop bodywork near the roll hoop and near the h in Faircloth for the roll cage that Thomas used. Copyright Bill Peters 2001. Thomas retaiend the car for 1976 as well, again getting very good results in Nationals and taking in selected Pro races. Carrell recalls that Haines sold it to somebody in the northeast so this is presumably the "project" acquired by Bill Faircloth Ridgefield, CT in 1990.

He rebuilt the car and raced it in vintage F5000 racing in the mid 1990s e. Still with Faircloth in June 2016. Copyright Terry Capps 2016. Advertised in April 1977.

Lewis ran the Hogan T332 in 1977 but returned to his original car for Can-Am in 1979 and 1980. It still is in running shape and is taken to Hallet race track once a year to race. Last seen racing at Hallet on 2 Apr 2006. Advertised until April 1979. Dr Korn recalls that the car was later destroyed in an accident by Keke Rosberg in Canada, presumably his crash at Mosport Park in 1979. Not seen again and presumed destroyed.

Can-Am 1977 2 races: During first practice session on the Thursday before the race, Rutherford lost control through the esses at the back of the circuit, struck the barrier on one side and was picthed across into the opposite barrier, which the Lola hit head-on.

Rutherford was able to extract himself from the wrecked car and was taken to hospital with a suspected broken ankle. It must be assumed that HU43 was not rebuilt. However, the Hewland DG300 gearbox originally used for HU43 does later appear in a different ex-Hogan Lola so that would have been retained as a spare. Leader Cards Inc US 1974: Copyright Don Markle 2007.

Mickey Rupp US 1974 new for Ontario: Advertised by Mizejewski in December 1976 noting that it had only had "one race since completely rebuilt by Jim Hall". Mizejewski cannot remember who he sold it to. When contacted by Daniel Rapley in 2011, Macaluso could not remember the previous owner; just that it came out of California and Gerre Payvis may have put him in touch.

Macaluso entered one race in late 1983 but the T332 did not arrive, so its first appearance in Can-Am was at Mosport Park in June 1984. Macaluso raced this black 84 car in Can-Am in 1984, 1985 and 1986. Rapley advertised the car on eBay and on bringatrailer. Murray reported that the rebuild was nearly complete in May 2014. Still with Murray in April 2016. Frank Arciero US 1974: Can-Am 1977 1 race: Allen replaced the car with the ex-Briedenbach T333 but it appears that the T332 was not badly damaged.

Reimer and chief crew Phil Myers repaired the damage to the lower front tub and raced the car in Can-Am in 1986 1 race and in the CAT series in 1987 3 races. Retained by Reimer 2005 but in very poor condition. Reimer died in March 2012 at the early age of 59. Still in Can-Am form in Feb 2013 but due to be converted back to original F5000 specification.

Frederick then restored the car to F5000 specification for Lee who raced it in vintage racing. For Townsend again at R10 Riverside 28 Oct 1979 7th. Subsequent history unknown but some evidence that this was the Robert Meyer car in 1981. Beer" 1989 - Stan Siegel 1990: Raced by Briggs raced in the US in 1976. Noyes has a car with a new tub for R3 Watkins Glen. Presumably same car used for the rest of the season, US 1976 and Can-Am 1977. Advertised 18 Aug 1978.

Bought "somewhere in Texas" by Stan Wattles [date unknown]. To Wade Gohran Washington state? Copyright Marcus Pye 2010. Still with Wilson in September 1981.