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кошмар (2007)

Appearances[ edit ] In video games[ edit ] Even though Nightmare originally debuted in Soulcalibur , its predecessor, Soul Edge , featured a prototype of his character. In the home version, an extra character named "Siegfried! This early version was much different from the former Nightmare, having crimson armor and a more flesh-like design, almost as if he were part of Soul Edge itself.

In the conclusion of Soul Edge, Siegfried battled with the corrupted pirate Cervantes de Leon and eventually came into possession of the Soul Edge with its lingering spirit, Inferno. Soul Edge tempted Siegfried to wield it with a promise to resurrect his dead father in exchange for gathering souls for its consumption.

Not knowing that he is just being used, Siegfried agreed and started killing people to gather souls. Eventually, Soul Edge consumed him and Nightmare is born. However, the attempt failed when his castle was attacked by Kilik , Xianghua , and Maxi , causing his allies to abandon him. He then hid the sword and himself out from civilization to atone his sins that he committed when he was consumed by Soul Edge. The sword now in agony lost control over Siegfried, and allowed him to defeat Inferno and break free once again.

Both swords sealed, Siegfried abandoned his old armor and left with them. Created as an avatar for a disembodied Inferno using the original armor as a shell, he pursued and eventually recovered his true body, Soul Edge.

Nightmare also met Tira , who became his servant and manipulated others into protecting Soul Edge and sacrificing souls for Nightmare, to eventually become sacrifices themselves. At the moment the swords struck a burst of energy was released; Siegfried was mortally wounded, while Soul Edge and its body were pulled into a warped dimension, eventually returning to Ostrheinsburg.

Inferno then claimed the entire city of Ostrheinsburg as a vessel due to the fact that Nightmare lacked the capacity to contain his consciousness, and as a result, the city became cursed and many of its inhabitants were corrupted. Tira continued serving Nightmare and manipulating Astaroth , Sophitia and others into serving Soul Edge, in order to weaken Soul Calibur and provide Nightmare with the strength necessary to destroy the spirit sword.

Nightmare would then clash against Siegfried in a final duel, though his plans were interfered with the appearance of Algol and the Tower of Remembrance. However, the blade regained consciousness with what little pieces of it were found and collected by its servants; allowing Nightmare to gain a new body and assume the alias of Graf Dumas. From there, Dumas worked his way into the grace of the Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf II to be awarded the Kingdom of Hungary, exploiting the war with the Ottomans to initiate a widespread search to find the remaining fragments to restore Soul Edge to its former glory, while simultaneously wanted to consume more souls under the guise of massacring the "malfested".

Unknown to him however, his former servant, Tira had been working to create a new Nightmare as she is not satisfied with Dumas. One of his soldier, Patroklos Alexander ; whom he manipulated for the massacre in exchange for searching his sister Pyrrha, revolted and fled from service.

Nightmare then initiated a war throughout Europe with his newfound power, but is eventually struck down and killed by Z. The player can obtain him as an "ally" and use his armor along with Soul Edge. Nightmare along with Soul Edge also appeared in Outcast Odyssey as a limited card. Soul Edge also makes a cameo in Retro Game Challenge. Other appearances[ edit ] In 2000, Epoch C-Works released a series of action figures based upon the original Soulcalibur, amongst them Nightmare.

The semi-posable figure came with equipable weapons from the title in the same package. The immobile figure was modeled after his primary outfit and stood six inches tall with a base. He lost as Guts was able to cut through Soul Edge in half. Reception[ edit ] Nightmare has received praise both as an aspect of Siegfried and as a series villain, and has been described as "one of the most memorable fighting-game villains in history. Brawl as a playable guest villain, though noted he was also "too extreme" for the series.