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корлеоне (1978)

Summary[ edit ] The Corleone family and the mob war they fight with the other four mafia families in New York is the central issue. His birth name is Vito Andolini, but after emigrating to America, he refused to tell the immigration official his last name.

The person in charge of the lines said the boy was from Corleone, and the official recorded his name as Vito Corleone. Vito fathered four children: Vito Corleone is also godfather to the famous singer and movie star Johnny Fontane. The godfather referred to in the title is generally taken to be Vito. The Corleone family is a criminal organization with national influence, notably protection , gambling and union racketeering.

The operational side of the organization is headed by two caporegimes , Peter "Pete" Clemenza and Salvatore Tessio. Other significant members of the organization include enforcers Luca Brasi and Albert Neri and upcoming soldier Rocco Lampone. Reception[ edit ] The novel remained on The New York Times Best Seller list for 67 weeks and sold over nine million copies in two years. Mario Puzo assisted with both writing of the screenplay and other production tasks.

The film is considered to be tremendously significant in cinematic history. Some of this footage was included in later re-edited versions such as, "The Godfather Saga. Video game adaptation of the film[ edit ] Main article: The Godfather 2006 video game The video game company Electronic Arts released a video game adaptation of The Godfather film on March 21, 2006. The player assumes the role of a "soldier" in the family. Prior to his death, Marlon Brando provided some voice work for Vito , which was eventually deemed unusable and was dubbed over by a Brando impersonator.

Titled The Sicilian , it chronicles the life of "Guiliano" Salvatore Guiliano but the Corleone family is featured heavily throughout, Michael Corleone in particular. For copyright reasons, the Corleone family involvement was cut from the Michael Cimino film adaptation , which is not considered part of the Godfather film series.

The events of the film The Godfather Part II all take place within the time frame of this novel, but are only mentioned in the background. The novel contains an appendix that attempts to correlate the events of the novels with the events of the films.

Kennedy , as well as alleged organized crime figure Carlos Marcello Carlo Tramonti. In The Godfather Returns , Winegardner also dramatizes the sweep of organized crime arrests that took place in Apalachin, New York , in 1957. Winegardner uses all of the characters from the Puzo novels and created a few of his own, most notably Nick Geraci, a Corleone soldier who plays a pivotal role in the sequel novels.

Winegardner further develops characters from the original novel, such as Fredo Corleone , Tom Hagen , and Johnny Fontane. Similarly, Puzo opened his 1969 novel with an epigraph popularly attributed to Balzac: Its origin very well may be from the same work to which Balzac is credited with the opening epigraph. Balzac wrote of Vautrin telling Eugene: The novel also includes many allusions to real-life mobsters and their associates.