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кодировщик (2017)

Introduction You can check the most up-to-date documents online: With this, you can use other programs comfortably while doing something CPU-intensive in the background.

They passively wait until CPU gets idle. BES is more aggressive: But you should install a better hardware cooler if you often need to use BES for this purpose. Actually, the first thing you should try is to remove dust around your heat sink See below. BES has a multilingual interface: When minimized, BES is sent to the system tray, as a gray icon when idle, a red icon when active: If so, please first make sure that your CPU heat sink is clean enough...

Read more Download Basically, just unzip the zip wherever you like and run bes. You can limit more than 3 processes and watch up to 4 processes or more, with 1.

Based on the suggestions by Gijs van der Velden, Eric. Now you can easily see which process is using CPU much. Based on suggestions by Antonello. Now the control slider track bar is also shown in the Target dialog box. I could remove the old Control, but then old users might be confused.

Based on the suggestions of TaeWoo Kim. With previous versions, you can watch only up to 4 targets. Changes from the previous version 1. More command-line options for power users: Check Help Command Line Help. The Target list dialog box opens more quickly and it is now sorted alphabetically. Starting from version 1. This may be handy for example when you want to throttle a game process while keeping the visual smooth.

Try a smaller value like 40 in such a case, instead of the default value, 100. Notice, a 40-millisecond cycle means that the visual can be redrawn, in theory, 25 times a second, allowing a 25-fps movie to play without being jumpy. Do not use a too small value, though the smaller it gets, the less accurate control you get.

Note, better fixes are in v1. Only minimum fixes were backported to 1. The latest version of 1. Those are older versions in case someone needs them.

For the current version, see the Download section. Select the target process you want to throttle, and click [Limit this]. In this picture, the user is going to target VirtualDubMod. The limiter activated by [Limit this] will be automatically canceled when the target process is gone i. You can limit up to 3 processes, but currently you can let BES watch only one process.

Answer the confirmation dialog. This is how BES looks like when it is doing its job. To change how much you limit the time slices given to the target, click [Control... This is where you can control the throttle s. How to use it should be self-explanatory. This percentage is always relative. You might want to set the maximum CPU load in the absolute percentage e. When this dialog is opened, BES will gather the information needed to list up all the processes running.

Hide all the windows associated to the selected process. The process is not killed. In other words, you should remember which target you hid. Even if you do that, BES still remembers which windows it hid, and will restore them when you click [Show]. If you shut down or reboot the system, BES will forget about everything it hid which makes sense too, as everything ends anyway.

Read the above note. Basically BES can choose the windows to restore automatically and properly. However, when something unexpected happens and things are foobared, you can manually tell BES which windows related to the selected process it should show.

Using this, you could even force a window that is originally hidden to be shown too some applications generate unseen windows for various reasons. The process list is usually not complete. This is just for emergency. I bet this never happens to you, but imagine what would happen if BES crashed just after it made the target sleep and not before it reawakened the sleeping baby yes, BES is a tool that periodically makes the target sleep for a very short time.

The target would then freeze. BES is tested for a long time from 0. Then just click [Unfreeze]. When the item selected in the list is something that you are unlikely to target i. If you do that, BES recognizes the application in question as friendly, and always put it in the bottom of the list. Everything is Unknown by default.

There are a few exceptions, such as VirtaulDub. This tells BES to consider the selected item as Foe, i. The distinction between Friend, Unknown, and Foe is only in the listing order.

Menu — File Watch: Make a detailed list of the processes currently running, and save it as a text file. First unlimit all, and you can exit. This is just for emergency, when you must end BES forcefully for some reason. Menu — Options Real-time mode: BES is a special kind of application that tries to control the CPU usage when it is already monopolized.

Yet BES itself needs to get some time slices i. So giving a special priority to it may make sense. Furthermore, in the real-time mode, BES will lower the process priority of the target.

When disabled unchecked , BES will behave modestly, just like an ordinary application. Tell BES to write a debug log. Might be informative, but usually not needed. Switch the menu language. Ukagaka is a kind of desktop mascot system. If an Ukagaka or a compatible ghost is running, BES sometimes but quite rarely communicates with it. This feature is no more there in newer versions.

If percentage is omitted or invalid, the last known valid percentage for target.