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классик (2001)

Some still thought it bland in comparison with its rivals although the Almera was selling strongly worldwide. For Europe, this generation of Almera was produced at the Sunderland factory , which had opened in 1986 and produced the Micra, Primera and originally the Bluebird.

The second-generation Almera was available in three different body styles, a three- or five-door hatch and a four-door saloon with 1.

Almeras can be also equipped with 1. Early versions of the 1. The Almera sedan is based on the Bluebird Sylphy , but has different front end. The N16 Almera offered great improvements over the previous generation Almera in terms of handling, tyre grip and drive dynamics. The N16 Almera felt much more sure-footed on the road and was exceptionally nimble for a plain family car.

While the previous generation Almera was considered spacious for its class, the N16 Almera was lacking in rear passenger legroom due to a slightly shorter than category average 2. Facelift[ edit ] Facelift Nissan Almera Europe In 2003, the Almera was facelifted with updated styling, retuned suspension, new engines and an updated interior. This resulted in a quieter ride and a reduction in the amount of rear bump-through experienced when heavily laden, improving high-speed stability, driving dynamics and making the car more controllable after an emergency manoeuver.

The new suspension tuning also proved to produce almost no body roll on tight turns. Overall, Nissan said, the Almera had slightly firmer damper settings and marginally stiffer spring ratings; though there had been no loss of ride comfort or increase in noise levels in normal motoring.

The suspension revisions had been executed in such a way as to only come into play at the upper edge of the dynamic envelope. The facelift also included new chrome, projector-style headlights that were set in a titanium-coloured surround with separate lights for main and low beams set behind an enlarged translucent cover. The front bumper now had an integrated engine air intake that ran almost the full width of the car while a honeycomb mesh grille added visual benefits to the frontal image.

Some models also got small circular fog lights. Additionally there was a change to the diesel model lineup. Nissan introduced new version of Common Rail 2. In 2006 the second-generation Almera reached its sixth year of production but was still selling strongly worldwide. It was also sold in Mexico in three versions: The Almera finished production on 29 November 2006, but it was not instantly replaced.

The Tiida was introduced in several countries as a replacement model throughout 2007 and 2008; although it has yet to be officially imported to the United Kingdom where the Qashqai crossover is the only successor model on offer , it has been available there through the Arnold Clark dealership network since March 2009 with models sourced from the Republic of Ireland.

It is equipped with the same 1. It received its world premiere at the 2012 Moscow International Motor Show on 29 August 2012, and uses the same design as the Bluebird Sylphy but a redesigned dashboard interior, adapted from the first generation Dacia Logan. It has a 1. Sales began in April 2013.