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каньоны (2009)

When the project lost its financing, Pope, Ellis, and Schrader decided they wanted to make a lower-scale film. Ellis was in charge of writing the script. After it was completed, Pope suggested raising money via Kickstarter. Paul Schrader wrote a full account [16] on the process of casting the seven actors which were ultimately cast through their Let It Cast audition in this fashion.

Actors Lindsay Lohan and James Deen were cast independently of this process. So for this part, we felt that she was really the right actor for a host of different reasons.

Early on, the filmmakers considered casting Sean Brosnan as Christian, but later, they wanted to cast somebody "more edgy and unexpected". Schrader was reluctant at first, because he thought it was unlikely he would cast him due to his background in porn. The primary selection criteria were: After many auditions, Brooks was cast. Other actresses who had been considered were Spencer Grammer and Jessica Morris , among others.

She was also cast through Let It Cast, and the primary criterion for the actress was to balance Lohan and Brooks. Other actresses who had been considered included Fleur Saville and Cameron Richardson. Philip Pavel, who was cast as Erik, had also been considered, among others. Lauren Schacher was cast. We used Let It Cast and saw some amazing actors that we will definitely keep in mind for future projects.

The way the entire cast came together so quickly was a thrill and everyone who landed their roles deserved them. Using social media as a way to help build a film is really like riding the wave into the future. We wanted to actively embrace all the digital and social media tools at our disposal and give the film real cinematic value—The Canyons is the result of a forward thinking experiment with a terrific cast.

Lindsay Lohan and James Deen not only have the acting talent; they also have that screen quality that keeps you watching their every move. Schrader says about filming The Canyons: And this idea of a film that was crowdfunded, cast online, with one actor from a celebrity culture, one actor from adult-film culture, a writer and director who have gotten beat up in the past—felt like a post-Empire thing.

And then everything I was afraid of with Lindsay and James started to become a positive. That just shows you how conservative young kids are. After Schrader showed Steven Soderbergh the rough cut of the film, Soderbergh offered to cut it within three days. Schrader declined, telling The New York Times: And you know what Soderbergh would do if another director offered to cut his film?

I saw this as a pranky noirish thriller, but Schrader turned it into, well, a Schrader film. He continued with saying he believes The Canyons to have ended up as being a success both creatively and financially for all those involved. He concludes with saying he is very proud of the final product. The new cut of the film only runs about a minute longer than the version that was in theaters and video on demand. Here they confessed that a sex scene had to be edited down for the final cut.

A sex scene at the beginning of the film, which featured the characters of Tara, Christian and Reid Danny Wylde , had to have cuts made to meet the content standards of iTunes.

Thus the shots of Reid indulging in masturbation had to go, since they were unsimulated, unlike the other sexual content shown in the film. These shots were included in the version of the film shown at the Film Society of Lincoln Center screening but did not appear in the theatrical or video on demand edit. The film has made a profit.