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хитмэн (2007)

Development[ edit ] In February 2003, Hitman makers Eidos and IO Interactive entered negotiations with Hollywood production companies to adapt the video game to film. In January 2007, Olyphant was cast as the lead with director Xavier Gens at the helm. Principal photography began the week of March 27, 2007 in Sofia , Bulgaria and lasted 12 weeks. Petersburg , and Cape Town.

These included a sword fight between four assassins in a train car, which replaced the original train platform sequence where Agent 47 fought only one assassin. Nicolas de Toth was brought in at this stage to soften the edit and cut down material.

Gens told an interviewer that whilst they are not directly dealing with the clone storyline, one scene the original train station sequence showing a bald, barcoded assassin Jean-Marc Bellu following Agent 47 Olyphant , another bald, barcoded assassin, is very explicit and showed his intention to keep him as a clone. However, film critic Roger Ebert notably gave it three stars out of four, saying "Hitman stands right on the threshold between video games and art.

On the wrong side of the threshold, but still, give it credit". This version also features a special digital copy of the film which can be transferred to a portable media device like an iPod. A single disc theatrical version, a single disc unrated version, and an unrated special edition including many extras, and the digital copy mentioned above.

The French Blu-ray version of the film came with 10 deleted scenes, accompanied with French audio commentary by Xavier Gens.

Some of the scenes included are the original assassination, in which Ovie survives, is taken to hospital only to be killed via lethal injection by 47 disguised as a doctor. The alternate train platform sequence which features no sword fight, as well as showing the older assassin biting off his tongue to avoid giving answers to 47, and an extended departure sequence between 47 and Nika, which shows Yuri and his men stopping their train and boarding it to look for 47.

An alternate ending in the special features of the DVD show 47 watching Nika through his sniper scope as she opens the envelope. She then turns down a corner of a small street to be shot dead in a drive-by , possibly by men loyal to the organization behind the fake Belicoff, all while 47 watches. Cancelled sequel and reboot[ edit ] Main article: American actor David Hess , who died in October 2011, had been reported to have an as-yet-unnamed role. Daniel Benmayor has signed to direct the sequel.

Olyphant stated on the Nerdist podcast that he had no interest in returning for a sequel and only did the original film in order to pay for his new house following the sudden cancellation of Deadwood. Agent 47 , and would have starred Paul Walker as Agent 47 prior to his death on November 30, 2013, with commercials director Aleksander Bach making his feature film debut helming the project. The screenplay was written by Skip Woods and Mike Finch.

Shooting was expected to take place in Berlin and Singapore in summer 2013.