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франкенвини (1984)

Contents [ show ] Description In both stories, Sparky dies, much to the dismay of his young owner, who proceeds to bring the pup back to life in his makeshift laboratory. Sparky is a devoted and playful Bull Terrier whose sense of curiosity is matched only by his beloved owner, Victor. Appearances Frankenweenie short film Sparky dies early on, when Victor plays ball with him and he runs onto the road to get the ball and a car hits him. After Sparky is buried in the pet cemetery, Victor, grief-stricken, comes up with the idea to reanimate him after seeing a dead frog electrocuted and watches its muscles react.

At first it appears to fail, until Sparky wags his tail and licks Victor. Upon the realization that he has resurrected his pet, Victor and Sparky reunite. They agree to keep him hidden, but after rumors start spreading about them, they are forced to reveal Sparky to their neighbors. Sparky runs away from home, followed by Victor, his parents, and the neighbors.

Sparky and Victor hides in a small windmill that a man accidentally sets ablaze. Victor falls through a hole and Sparky drags him out of the windmill, which collapses on the dog. As a reward for his bravery, the neighbors recharge him with their cars, and a Poodle jumps out of a car and she and Sparky presumably get together. After they watch the film, Sparky gets in trouble with the neighbor, Mr. Burgermeister , who disapproves of Sparky because he once peed on his plastic flamingoes.

Whiskers dreamed about him, and that something big always happens when he dreams about someone. When Victor refuses, Edgar unintentionally scares Sparky away. At the ball game, Sparky watches Victor play, but mistakes the first pitch and catches it for Victor, forcing Victor to tie him up to resume the game. Victor hits the ball on the third pitch which goes flying. Sparky becomes excited and breaks the leash to retrieve the ball.

After picking up the ball across the street, Sparky walks back to field until a car comes from nowhere and accidentally hits Sparky, killing him. The day after, Victor keeps Sparky in the attic to keep his parents from finding out. Whiskers appears outside the attic window and taunts Sparky.

Sparky crashes out of it and chases after him, crashing into Mr. Whiskers, Sparky begins to wander around town and is secretly noticed by Edgar while Sparky was digging through the school garbage.

However, Edgar then pursues Victor for how he had resurrected Sparky and blackmails him into repeating the experiment with a deceased goldfish. The same experiment is done on the goldfish as Sparky watches in fear. When the bowl is brought back down, it is revealed the fish had become invisible. In fear, Sparky runs off and escapes to the pet cemetery. He wanders through until he finally spots his own grave, and realizes that he was supposed to be dead.

Afraid that he is now a monster, Sparky lies near his grave whimpering. Victor comes and finds him, trying to comfort Sparky and promises to bring him home. Sparky reconciles with Victor, unfortunately as they exit the pet cemetery, Victor discovers that other kids had discovered his experiment by the graves dug up and have repeated it. Sparky protects them by biting it. The Were-Rat then tries to bite him, but bites one of his bolts which short-circuits it to its original shriveled form.

Just when the group is safe, a mutated Mr. Whiskers kidnaps Persephone prompting Elsa to go save her. Sparky tries to warn the townspeople, but they believe that Sparky had attacked Elsa. Whiskers has cornered Elsa and Persephone. When the windmill is lit on fire by a torch, Victor and Sparky go in to save Elsa and Persephone. The girls land safely on the ground, but Victor is attacked by Mr. Whiskers and falls to the bottom of the windmill.

Sparky finds Victor and drags him out of the fire, but is then pulled back in by Mr. Inside the burning building, Sparky defends himself from the vastly stronger Mr. A piece of flaming debris falls from high and manages to impale Mr. Whiskers through the chest, killing him. Sparky is buried by the collapsing windmill, causing Victor to cry for Sparky. He continues to lay there, motionless. Sparky slowly comes to, alive, and barks excitedly.

Victor is overjoyed, and Persephone and Sparky share a brief romantic spark.