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Дата: 04.03.2018

директор (1970)

Andrey Romanov Director of DAZ Dnipropetrovsk car plant 1944 - 1947 Under the guidance of Romanov there was held car plant construction, which was slow, caused by a government that did not care about construction process organization, without providing construction equipment and qualified staff.

For the first time, under the guidance of Vlasov the plant carried out the production program. In parallel to the construction of DAZ there has been begun construction of housing. Under the guidance of Grigoriev there was founded Central Factory Laboratory, in February 1950 the first automotive installation for welding under a layer of flux knots auto crane K-32 was introduced.

All this gave the beginning to effective collaboration with the Institute named after E. Platon of Academy of Science of Ukraine, and other research institutions. With the advent of Smirnov at the plant an active and hard work on the creation of "vertical takeoff vehicles" was began.

For the first time LRE51 was launched. On November 28, 1952 mass production of R-1 missiles of the nodes of its own manufacture has begun. On April 24, 1952 there was produced the first batch of liquid rocket engines for anti-aircraft missiles. The first missiles R-2 8G38 were fabricated.

The first three tractor manufacturing units have been made: The first five tractors of MTZ-2 model were gathered and sent to the customer. In 1954, 6500 tractors were manufactured. In 1957, the Palace of Culture was unveiled. On July 10, 1959 the plant was awarded the Order of Lenin for R-12 missile creation. On 2 February, 1961 an intercontinental ballistic missile R-16 was successfully launched. In 1962, 250 thousandth tractor was manufactured at the plant.

Output of tractors in the export versions has being prepared. On January 1962 serial manufacturing and testing of R-16U missile shaft launch were started. On August 28, 1964 launch vehicle 65C3 "Interkosmos" was tested at the Baikonur cosmodrome. On July 1965 have been started tests of overcome missile defense remedy system "List" on R-36 missile. On August 1967 at the Baikonur have been began testing of launch vehicle with the spacecraft 11K67 from the missile defense system.

In April 1968 the creators of R-36 missiles in ballistic variant was awarded the Lenin Prize. On February 21, 1969 500 thousandth tractor was manufactured at UMZ. August 1969 have been started tests of 11K69 missiles "Cyclone" with the missile defense system.

Since December 1969 regularly launches of satellites "Meteor" was began. In December 1969 have been increased production of consumer goods and products of the national economic purpose: On April 22, 1970 the Palace of Water Sports was opened, the best pool of country for that time.

In December 1972 was organized investment casting foundry. On October 1977 have been started flight test of 15A16 and 15A18 missiles. On April 13th, 1978 by the Order of Minister A. In December 1979 there were held the first launches of missile system 15A11 "Perimeter" for working out and issuing commands for missiles launch at a special period. In January 1980 flight-testing of the launch vehicle 11K68 "Cyclone-3" was completed.

At UMZ was established department of general assembly of missile system "Zenit" - the largest in the industry. In March 1986 have been started tests of missile system 15A18M with 15F173. In November 1986, A. Makarov went to well-deserved rest. Yangel, Doctor of technical sciences, Professor. In December 1987 were completed flight tests of rocket system 15ZH61 and "Zenit" launch vehicle. In October 1988 was put in operation head assembly corps of "Zenit" LV.

In October 1992, L. On January 25th, 1994 "Cyclone-3" LV successfully launched spacecraft "Meteor-3" into orbit, which implements three programs simultaneously. Launch vehicle эDneprЭ was successfully launched with 5 foreign satellites on board. Manufacture of new generation of satellites — microsatellites was began in 2002.

Alekseev has been awarded the title of Hero of Ukraine. Honored Worker of the Ukrainian space industry. Since March 26, 2014 till now — General Director. Academic degree and grades: Political and civic activity: To government authority was not elected.