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(1408) (2007)

Plot[ edit ] Mike Enslin John Cusack is a cynical , skeptical author who is estranged from his wife Lily after the death of their daughter Katie Jasmine Jessica Anthony. Mike writes unsuccessful books evaluating supernatural events in which he has no belief. The hotel manager , Gerald Olin Samuel L. Jackson explains to Mike that in the last 95 years, anybody that has stayed in Room 1408 longer than an hour ends up dead; the latest count is 56 bodies. Mike, who appears unmoved by the story, insists on staying in the room.

Olin replies that it is not haunted; it is "an evil room. Mike assumes that Olin is pulling a prank to scare him. Mike tries to leave, but in vain: Mike uses his laptop to contact Lily Mary McCormack , pleading with her to call the police, but the sprinkler system short circuits his laptop. The room temperature drops to subzero when the laptop suddenly begins to work again, and Lily tells him the police have entered 1408, but the room is empty.

The room shakes violently and Mike breaks a picture of a ship in a storm. Water pours from the broken picture, flooding the room. He surfaces on a beach and relives a surfing accident seen earlier in the film. His life continues from this point, and he reconciles with Lily. Assuming his experience in 1408 was just a nightmare , Lily encourages him to write a book about it. When visiting the post office to send the manuscript to his publisher, he recognizes members of a construction crew as the Dolphin Hotel staff.

They demolish the post office walls, revealing Mike is still trapped in the rubble of 1408. When the countdown ends, the room is suddenly restored to normal, and the clock radio resets itself to 60: The "hotel operator" calls Mike.

Deciding to quit running, Mike improvises a Molotov cocktail from a bottle of cognac given to him by Olin, and sets the room on fire. The fire alarm sounds, the hotel is evacuated, and Lily is prevented from entering. After smoking a cigarette , Mike breaks a window, causing a backdraft. Mike then lies down on the floor and laughs in victory upon destroying the room. As the fireman drag him out, Olin, in his office, says "Well done, Mr. Mike survives, and he and Lily are seen back together in their home, although she is unsure of the supernatural events he has explained to her.

Alternate endings[ edit ] In addition to the ending that appears in the theatrical release version, three other endings were shot. The original discarded ending had Mike dying in the fire, but happy to see the room destroyed.

Olin claims that the room was successfully destroyed and that it will no longer hurt anyone else. Then he sees the same girl holding hands with her father as they walk away. Olin places the tape recorder back in the box and drives off.

The final scene is of the gutted room, where an apparition of Mike looks out the window while smoking a cigarette. He hears his daughter calling his name, and he disappears as he walks toward her.

A door is heard closing and the scene fades to black. This ending is also used on the U. Second alternate ending[ edit ] Another ending uses elements from both the theatrical ending and the discarded original ending.

Mike dies in the fire; afterwards Olin remarks, "Well done, Enslin. Sam says, "Well, at least he went out in a blaze. Sam returns to his New York office, sorts through his mail, and discovers the manuscript that Mike wrote about Room 1408, written after Mike thought he had awakened from a dream. As I am, you will be.

Mike stares at Lily strangely. This is the ending shown on the Australian streaming service Presto and on Netflix in Japan. Netflix in the Netherlands used to show this ending, however Netflix changed it to the ending used in the theatrical release.